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Our expertise

Constant increasing health care costs, reduced government participation, universal medication in health plans and taxation laws are important factors to consider when creating your Group Insurance Program.

Furthermore, your employees’ needs also change.  Is your Program capable of meeting these needs?

This new context should make employers, employees and unions realize the importance of their program’s financial value and of obtaining the best quality-price ratio.  Since 1975, Assurances Dalbec has used its expertise to satisfy your company’s needs.

Actuarial Services

  • Rates analysis
  • Fiscal analysis
  • Call for tenders preparation
  • Negotiation with insurers
  • Analysis and recommendations

Assurances Dalbec’s multi-disciplinary team includes an experienced actuary who analyses your current rate structure.

Such analysis helps determine what your current rates should be specifically for pooled benefits, life insurance and, more particularly, long-term disability insurance.
Analysis of employer/employees premium cost sharing is also done based on current tax laws. Such analysis indicates which party benefits from the cost sharing, employer and employees or the government!

Finally, call for tenders with insurance companies, negotiations, analysis and recommendations to contract holder are done by Assurances Dalbec.


  • Insurance committees
  • Employee information meetings
  • Administrators training

Since 1975, Assurances Dalbec has encouraged direct communication with insured participants as they are the first to be impacted by their group insurance program.

Well-informed employees understand that the purpose of a group benefit program is to satisfy a group of people as opposed to personal interests.

This is why we recommend the creation of insurance committees made of members representing all parties involved.

Committee meetings serve to help understand the concerns of insured participants and to inform them, in written communiqués or meetings, about their contract status, upcoming renewals and options to consider when necessary.

Group Insurance Plan holders should be aware of their employees’ satisfaction with protections offered.  Insurance committees play an important role in this respect.


  • Contract evaluation and analysis
  • Program implementation
  • Technical assistance in dealing with government authorities

When a group insurance program becomes effective, Assurances Dalbec’s multi-disciplinary team supports its customer by carrying out information meetings with insured participants and by assisting management to fill in all documents required.  Assurances Dalbec makes sure that the contract issued by the insurer is in line with the agreement signed by the parties and prepares Employee Benefit Booklets.  Assurances Dalbec also sends the necessary copies of contracts to government authorities, as needed.

Finally, the online administration system is created on Assurances Dalbec’s secure Web site and training of persons in charge of the contract is done on premises or away from workplace (Go To Meetings).

Assurances Dalbec personnel handles all customer service related matters.