Our internet privacy policy

Internet privacy is of the utmost importance to Assurances Dalbec Ltée. Please read this section carefully.

Protection of your identity

When you visit our site:

To make things easier :

  • No cookies are placed in your Web browser files. Session cookies are used sparingly to facilitate navigation but not to collect personal information;
  • No personal information is collected without your consent. The information transmitted automatically between computers cannot be used to identify you. Certain information is collected to satisfy Web technological requirements and is used for statistical purposes, such as recording the number of visitors to the site and determining which pages are consulted most frequently, etc.;
  • You have access to secure electronic services which use an encryption protocol to guarantee the confidentiality of information exchanged.

Information exchange

When you connect with this site, information is exchanged transparently between your computer and the server. This information, listed below, cannot be used to identify you:

  • an Internet domain, such as “xcompany.com” (if you use a private Internet access account) and the IP address through which you access the Web (an IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer by your Internet access provider every time you surf the Web);
  • the type of browser and operating system used to access the site;
  • your date and time of access;
  • the pages that you view;
  • the address of any site that led you to www.dalbec.info

Transmission Confidentiality

Assurances Dalbec Ltée shares your concerns with respect to the personal information that you submit. We use the security measures required by law to protect personal information and confidentiality.

Personal information flowing through our secure electronic services is encoded to ensure ongoing protection. It is subsequently used to process your request, but only within the limits of the law.

When you use certain services, Assurances Dalbec Ltée requests personal information, such as your name and address, and identification or file numbers.

This information is required so that Assurances Dalbec Ltée can:

  • confirm your identity (when you contact us or when we contact you);
  • ensure the confidentiality of the information that relates to you.

You should be aware that a user code and a password are required to use the transactional services giving access to confidential information.

You are responsible for the information that you submit to Assurances Dalbec Ltée and for the confidentiality of your identification data, access code and password (if applicable). Assurances Dalbec Ltée cannot be held responsible for unauthorized use of this information. Should the confidentiality of this information be violated, please inform Assurances Dalbec Ltée immediately to avoid fraudulent use of your identity.


Our portals provide links to other relevant sites within the goverment of Québec, the government of Canada and private organizations. When you click on a link, you leave our site. Any information subsequently exchanged is not subject to our Internet privacy policy. Assurances Dalbec Ltée is not responsible for the links, which are provided only for your convenience. Provision of a link does not signify that Assurances Dalbec Ltée approves the content of sites accessed through further navigation.

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