Disability Insurance

Short Term Disability Insurance

Participant coverage (taxable or non-taxable)

Provides an employee who is unable to work due to an accident or an illness not covered by his provincial health insurance program (Provincial Automobile Insurance Plan & Workers’ Compensation) with a percentage of his weekly salary.  Payments may last from 15 to 104 weeks with benefits subject to tax laws.

Coverage in addition to Employment Insurance Benefits (taxable or non-taxable)

Insurance may be combined with Canada’s Employment Insurance Benefits.  Benefits paid are subject to taxation laws in effect.

Supplemental Unemployment Benefits (SUB)

Canada Employment Insurance benefits can also be upgraded with the Unemployment Supplemental Benefit Program (SUB) offered at no extra cost to the employer.  Benefits are taxable.

Long Term Disability Insurance

Long term disability aims at compensating loss of revenue of an employee who has been injured or is suffering from a serious illness.

Such situations can be devastating for an employee and his family. Assurances Dalbec analyses your needs and negotiates with the insurer the major contract clauses, namely:

  • Waiting period
  • Definition of own occupation
  • Progressive return to work
  • Residual disability
  • Cost of living allowance (COLA)
  • Taxable or non-taxable benefits
  • Survivor benefits
Up to 65th anniversary

Most Long Term Disability contracts cover employees up to their 65th anniversary.

Beyond 65th anniversary

Nowadays more and more employees work beyond their 65th anniversary.  At Assurances Dalbec, we can offer salary insurance protection which does not end at the age of 65!