Health insurance and dental care

Supplementary Health Care Benefits

With reduced participation of government in the public health system, this coverage pays for additional charges incurred in cases of accident or illness, such as medication, eyeglasses, medical supplies, hospitalization and paramedical services not covered by the public health program.

Second medical opinion

You are not totally satisfied with your physician’s diagnosis and would like a second opinion from a specialist?  Don’t look any further: Assurances Dalbec can add this coverage to your current program.

Health account management

To satisfy your employees’ specific needs, you can add to your current program customized health account management administered by our claims department.

Home health care

Following hospitalization, a convalescent employee may incur expenses that are not reimbursed by your current program. Assurances Dalbec has an alternative that will reduce the impact of such frustrating situation on your employees.

Travel Insurance

Your current program normally offers travel medical assistance for your employees and their dependents. But what about trips that must be cancelled before departure date due to illness?  Who will reimburse prepaid amounts?
Assurances Dalbec has the solution.


In many insurance contracts, vaccines are excluded and this causes a lot of frustration to your employees travelling more and more with their families. At Assurances Dalbec, we provide a solution that does not jeopardize your program’s financial health.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Such contracts are usually issued on an individual basis. However, as contract administrator, Assurances Dalbec can charge these individual contracts on your group insurance monthly billing.  Any premium paid by the employer, when applicable, is a taxable benefit.

This is an important plus to offer to your company’s key personnel.

Critical Illness Insurance

Such contracts, with variable conditions, are usually issued on an individual basis.  They are now available as a specific group contract covered by specialized insurers or as a rider to your current supplementary health insurance program.

As contract administrator, Assurances Dalbec can add this protection to your monthly billing.

Dental Care

Various dental care treatments can be reimbursed to employees and their dependents. Budgets can be determined for each of the following categories:

  • Prevention
  • Basic care
  • Major restoration
  • Orthodontics

As third party administrator of claims, Assurances Dalbec makes sure its dental plans cover the new techniques such as implantology.

Cost Plus for company executives

This allows you to offer to a select group of employees, usually the company key personnel, additional medical and/or dental reimbursements for treatments not covered by your current program but insurable under Income Tax laws.  This is a taxable benefit in Quebec only.

Refunds, including administrative expenses, are tax deductible for companies.