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Services to administrators

Administration and accounting

  • With unique confidential access to Assurances Dalbec Web site
  • Secure single billing
  • Insurance certificates
  • Standard forms
  • Payroll deductions
  • Taxable benefits calculations
  • Contracts & amendments
  • Cost & benefits summary for each employee

Each administrator appointed by the insurance contract holder has confidential access to our secure Web site.  Daily management of records (change notices, salary changes, etc.) is done on line through our secure Web site.

A single monthly invoice, no matter how many insurers are involved in the contract, is sent via internet to appointed administrators.

Also sent via internet are calculations of payroll deductions, taxable benefits, individual tax reports and cost summary for each participant.

We also encourage pre-authorized payments of monthly premiums.

Training and Communication

  • Administrator  training (Go To Meeting)
  • Creation of insurance committees
  • Meetings with participants

Assurances Dalbec trains appointed administrators on their premises or away from the office (Go To Meeting).

We encourage the creation of insurance committees for better communication between the parties and to keep participants informed on the quality level of their group insurance plan.

Upon request from the administrator, information letters are prepared and employee information meetings are held.