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Services to participants

Analysis and payment of health and dental claims

  • Processing within 24-48 hours
  • Direct deposit
  • Claim scanning
  • Special dental care analysis
  • Customized service

Assurances Dalbec takes from In-trust bank accounts, made available by major insurers, the funds necessary to reimburse participants’ health and dental claims throughout Canada.

Claims are processed within 48 hours and paid through direct deposit, a mode that we encourage, or mailed cheques.  Claims can also be scanned and sent via our secure Web site.

For dental care, analysis of specialized treatment is done in our office, usually within 24 hours.

Participants can reach our analysts directly who, in turn, can help them with the procedure to follow to obtain disability benefits.

Assurances Dalbec secure Web site

  • Unique confidential access
  • Benefits booklet
  • Insurance certificates
  • Claim forms
  • Medical expenses report

Participants can access their personal and confidential record via our secure internet web site.

They can read their Benefits Booklet and even print their own insurance certificates wherever they are around the world!

They have access to claim forms, in hard copy or online (for scanned claims), as well as to their reimbursement cheque slip (with direct deposit).

Finally, they can consult their medical expenses report which is useful when filing their annual income tax return.

Adminplus Mobile App

  • Submit your claim requests for Health and Dental on our fully secured App from your telephone or tablet.
  • View your paid claims.
  • Your access in just a click away from your Insurance Certificate
  • Your access in just a click away, anywhere around the world, to your Travel Insurance Card.